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Stylize your Towel Tac'r set and mark your spot on the beach!


Stickers are sold in a set of 4. They are high quality and easy to place on your Towel Tac'r tops. If you are adding the stickers to your NEW Towel Tac'r set order, we will place them on your set for you. If you have a Towel Tac'r set and want to personalize it we; we will send the stickers separately. 


FREE SHIPPING on stickers!


Want your business to be branded on the beach? Please contact us directly for wholesale info. We will place your business logo on all your Towel Tac'r sets sold in your store. Be the first to carry Towel Tac'r in your area!

Towel Tac'r - Designer Top Stickers

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