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"Necessity is the mother of invention"! This is exactly how designer Kimberly Rosa thought of the idea of the amazing Towel Tac'r!

Beache days are the best as well as traveling along with the beauty and relaxation it brings... well most of the time! LIKE WHEN YOUR TOWEL BLOWS AWAY OR IT'S SO WINDY IT WON'T STAY DOWN... like this

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Lets Talk Story...

Beach Towel without Towel Tac'r

At the beginning of 2010, Canadian born designer Kimberly Rosa was living in Mexico, a block from the beach. She didn't like hauling around beach chairs and renting one was not in her budget. She found herself struggling with her beach towel EVERY DAY as she tried to relax on the beach. Something needed to be done, so Kimberly designed Towel Tac'r.

She sketched the first design and registered mailed it to herself but I didn't have the means to patent or manufacture it since she was pouring her heart and soul into her newly launched product Dressed'n-case; the original cover-up and purse in one. She kept the idea of Towel Tac'r in her head and secured it in that envelope until 2016!

After moving to Hawaii in 2014 the thought of Towel Tac'r was on her mind almost daily as she found herself having the same frustrations with her beach towels as well as boogie boards blowing away in the wind.  It was time to make it happen!

Rosa decided to re-visit the idea of Towel Tac'r and solve the problem of beach towels blowing in the wind. Kimberly went back to the drawing board and hired a professional 3D drafter to illustrate her design. She brought it to a local 3D printer who then brought the first prototype to life. After countless hours and dollars spent on prototypes; Towel Tac'r is tried, tested and true... and NOW READY to make beach life better around the world!

Be the first to get a set! Pre-order NOW to reserve your set to be sent to your door on Dec. 1st  2017! 

Join us in making WISHES come true...

Kimberly Rosa feels blessed everyday for her life in paradise. She was diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes as a child and is lucky she is able to grow-up and reach goals and live her dream in Hawaii without the battles that children face each day. This is why $1 FROM EVERY TOWEL TAC'R sold is donated to MAKE-A-WISH HAWAII.


Our goal is to help grant the one true wish for children battling critical illnesses in Hawaii. When purchasing a Towel Tac'r you are helping to make a child's wish come true! 


Check out the counter at the top of this page to find out how many wish dollars Towel Tac'r has contributed. 

Find our more ways to help at Thank you for helping us make wishes come true!

Meet Kimberly Rosa...

Meet the designer of Towel Tac'r

Want to get the Low Down first?

Towel Tac'r donates $1 from each purchase to Make-A-Wish Hawaii

The Towel Tac'r Team

Towel Tac'r is proudly designed in Hawaii! We work closely with a very professional and well established sourcing company in Vietnam where the plastic parts of Towel Tac'r are made. We have worked with this company in manufacturing the fabric for our amazing beach dresses; Dressed'n-case. We are excited to continue working this company with our newest PROduct Towel Tac'r!


What we love about them: Our sourcing company's mission is to empower women in Vietnam. All the employees hired are Viennese women, empowering them to take ownership for clients products manufacturing needs. We are proud to have them as part of the Towel Tac'r team, making Towel Tac'r a all woman's team including Designer and President Kimberly Rosa. 

To finish it all up, Towel Tac'r is assembled, customized, packaged and shipped in Hawaii with Aloha! 

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