The PROpose

We put the PRO in PROducts! Here at Kimberly Rosa we believe in PROfecting our designs and putting the PRO in everything we do everyday! PRO to us means making what is better - the very best. We think and work PROfessionally and PROductivly. We sincerely care about others and the PROception they have of us. We encourage everyone to be PRO in what they do! 

We have PROfected our own custom fabric and designed our own prints exclusive to Kimberly Rosa clothing PROducts. This guarantees quality and uniqueness to our valuable Kimberly Rosa customers. We focus a lot on travel attire and accessories because of our love for vacation and desire to make them enjoyable. 


Designer Kimberly Rosa was always the kid who dressed "weird" in school. She didn't wear an item unless she altered it and gave it the "Kimi touch". Born and raised in Canada, Kimberly studied fashion design in Montreal, opened a trendy all Canadian designer boutique featuring her own collections, Patented Dresssed'n-case in 2010 and designed the CRZY Legs collection in 2013. Kimberly Rosa has always had a passion for fashion.

They say "Necessity is the mother of invention" and that is exactly why Kimberly created Dressed'n-case and Towel Tac'r. On a trip to the Bahamas, Kimberly packed her beachwear only to soon realize that her items no longer fit. She was on a mission to buy a new cover-up, but was not happy with the unflattering cuts, horrible prints and bad choice of fabrics that she found. So instead of complaining about it, she put her skills to use and did something about it. The cover-up concept was PROfected and Dressed'n-case was birthed!

Kimberly started using the left over fabric scraps to create her own custom leggings. After receiving so many compliments, she realized that there were more women who wanted CRZY legs. Kimberly once again gave an idea the "Kimi touch" and PROfected the fit. Kimberly Rosa's success comes from a lot of love and support from the amazing people she surrounds herself with (we encourage you to do the same too). She is thankful for all the people who believe in her, inspire her and have been apart of her team! Cheer and Mahalo to all the customers who give The PRO a PROpose to design PROfected PROducts!   

Kimberly has a list of ideas and is excited to launch them as new PROducts one at a time. Her passion is to create items that solve problems. Kimberly's inspiration may come from her own need or from customer's needs. Whatever it is, you know she puts PRO in all her PROducts. Stay tuned for what's next!


Kimberly Rosa Designs Problem Solving PROducts Made With Innovation & Quality! 

The PROfected PROducts

Each PROduct is a creation of necessity!

We are always adding new PROducts to our collection! Kimberly Rosa puts great thought into each design. Know that what you're buying is always PROfected before PROduced!


Do you provide International delivery?


Yes we do! We offer standard shipping anywhere in the world via United States Postal Service. International shipping typically takes 5-10 business days. Costs vary depending on weight of your order. 



How do I return an item?

We will happily exchange any item with in 14 days of delivery. Simply send your item back to us and upon arrival of your package we will ship you the new item for exchange. No refunds, no returns. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!



Where are your PROducts made?


Kimberly Rosa PROducts are proudly made in Hawaii and Canada with exception to Towel Tac'r. 

We custom design our own fabric for Dressed'n-case and they are made with Aloha in Hawaii as well as Calgary Canada. 

Kimberly custom makes all CRZY Legs, Covered'n-case, and Hawaiian hOOties fro her studio in Hawaii. 

Towel Tac'r is made in Vietnam; and assembled, packaged and shipped in Hawaii. 

FUN FACT: The company we use to manufacture is owned and operated by women in Vietnam. The owners goal is to empower women in Vietnam. They are hard working, professional and give amazing customer service. We are proud to be working with such an inspiring company. 

Do you offer wholesale pricing to businesses?

If you are interested in WHOLESALE or DISTRIBUTION please contact Kimberly at


NEW!! Kiosk Packages:

Are you looking for something HOT and NEW to demo and SELL like crazy at your already existing kiosk location? Starting up a new kiosk? Ask about our Kiosk packages available in the USA and Canada.

Email Kimberly at


How To Wear Dressed'n-case Video Links:


1. The Twist

2. The Halter

3. The Vest

4. The Top

5. The One Shoulder

6. The Tube Dress

7. The Skirt

8. How to turn the dress back into a bag


How To Use Towel Tac'r- click here 

Where are the PROducts shipped from?


All  orders placed in the USA or Internationally are shipped out from Oahu Hawaii. All orders placed in Canada are shipped from Spruce Grove Alberta Canada. 


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